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2016 Gaming Laptops:





Acer Predator G9-791


Alienware 17 Base

Alienware 15 Base

Alienware Gaming 17 R3

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Schenker W705

Laptops drivers:

Most important drivers to update monthly for PC Video Gaming are:

Graphics driver

Sound driver


Chipset USB driver

Most wanted 2016 Games:

Mafia 3

Need for Speed

TC Ghost Recon Wildlands

Battlefield 5

Elder Scrolls 6

Best internet search is:

Watch movies online:

HP ProBook 650 G2

Choose from bellow the driver that you want to be updated or if you need new driver


Wireless / Wi-fi

Fix / update / revive Wireless / Wifi driver for your wireless internet connection (via router or hotspots)

By installing wireless driver, your laptop will run better on: internet browsing, facebook, skype, youtube

HP ProBook 650 G2 wireless driver - download wifi driver - internet card driver

See more and download wireless driver

Webcam / Camera

Fix / update / revive Webcam incorporated camera to enjoy nice skype, facebook conversations

If your webcam is not working, install webcam driver and fix this issue

HP ProBook 650 G2 webcam driver - Download and fix webcam camera issue

See more and download webcam driver

Audio - Sound

Fix / update / revive sound problems or get maximum fidelity of your sound card with new driver

HP ProBook 650 G2 sound driver - Download and fix sound - audio issue

See more and download sound driver


Fix / update / revive bluetooth problems or bluetooth connections to transfer / receive files to Windows

HP ProBook 650 G2 bluetooth driver - Download and fix bluetooth issue

See more and download bluetooth driver

Card Reader - Memory cards

Fix card reader transfers or not working for your built-in memory card reader

HP ProBook 650 G2 card reader driver - Download and fix memory card reader issue

See more and download card reader driver

Touchpad - Virtual Mouse

If your touchpad is not working or have issues, then you can fix this very easy

HP ProBook 650 G2 touchpad driver - Download and fix finger touch issue

See more and download touchpad driver

USB 3.0 - USB 3.1 - USB 2.0

Use your built-in usb ports with high speed to transfer your files to external hdd or usb stick

HP ProBook 650 G2 usb driver - Download and fix usb 3.0 or usb 3.1 issue

See more and download USB driver

Video Card - Graphics

Use your built-in graphics card or dedicated video card at maximum performance with new driver

HP ProBook 650 G2 video card driver - Download and fix graphics vga issue for games and hd movies

See more and download video vga driver

Some useful guides for your laptop:

See tutorial with how to manualy adjust brightness for your HP ProBook 650 G2 laptop

Make it brighter - Learn how to adjust brightness for your HP ProBook 650 G2 laptop

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Do you want to play pc video games with your laptop better than before without paying anything ?

How to play video games much better on HP ProBook 650 G2 laptop - Downloads included

See details

HP ProBook 650 G2 is crashing to desktop or is crashing when windows is loading ?

HP ProBook 650 G2 crash to desktop or crashing during windows loading or after starting up - See solutions

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And from here you can download all available drivers for this laptop.

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Guide created on: 2016-03-24

Created by author: Augustin Device